A Travel Diary- Chapter 3- Italian Cuisine at Chennai- Pasta Bar Veneto


The way to the restaurant

The way to the restaurant

This is the first time that we tried italian food at an italian restaurant. After a hectic day, my       friends and I thought of meeting up at the Pasta Bar Veneto to celebrate a birthday.

 Its located on the burkit road of t.nagar and pretty easy to find with the address. The   restaurant was deserted when we went (about 3 30 p.m.). We chose a table on the left and settled down.

European look

European look

The simple and elegant interior design captures your heart at the first sight. The walls are decorated with beautiful sketches of italian cities and italian ceramic wall plates. Lovely music keeps playing in the background as you dig into the delectable food.

The restaurant also has an outdoor seating (a quadrangle surrounded by indoor seating on three sides).  A giant tree in the outer quadrangle adds to the beauty of the place. I am guessing that the place would be even more appealing at night with the lighting.

the menu

the menu

The menu is one of my favorites. It has wide varieties of options like soups,salads,pasta, pizza, grills, sandwiches, smoothies, coolers and other drinks. It is exquisitely designed with a lot of trivia and interesting snippets about Italy and its culture. We ordered Pomodoro e Mozzarella, a choco shake and a kiwi soda. The food was delicious and simply amazing! Besides the food and ambiance, the prices are very pocket-friendly; the starters are priced about Rs.90, the main courses are priced about Rs.150-Rs.250 and drinks about Rs.75.

If you want to treat your taste buds with some Italian delicacies in a peaceful and serene ambiance without burning a hole in your pocket, The Pasta Bar Veneto is the right place for you!

pomodoro e mazzarella and kiwi soda

excellent ambiance


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