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January 15, 2010

There is nothing that can beat the view of an annular solar eclipse. Today was the first time I had experienced an annular eclipse – a very rare celestial treat. Well, if you are not aware, as the moon’s diameter is smaller than that of the sun’s, a fascinating annular ring is formed out of the sun, as seen from the earth, and thus the name annular eclipse. The sun radiation has its color more on the orange part of the spectrum and easily creates a head-ache. The shadows are blurred.The sun light, beaming through the gaps between the neem leaves, projects itself as spectacular crescents on the ground.

We had a chance to see the sun through the eclipse-glasses. Some enthusiastic minds of the college put together a telescope and we could also catch a view of the eclipse on a tile. Though I missed the annular ring, here are some pictures that I captured.


solar eclipse

down from the sky, through the telescope, onto the tile

the light through the gaps between the neem leaves appears as a crescent on the ground


a rare celestial treat